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Alive & Shine Foundation Workshop Offerings

Heartfull Meditation™ workshops are led by highly-trained Heartfull Meditation™ teachers who personally use the Shine Snack meditation techniques in their own daily lives. Our teachers and board members lives have been profoundly affected by these techniques, and with their sincere gratitude, are donating their time to spread the Alive and Shine mission.

Savitri, founder of the Alive and Shine Foundation, created Heartfull Meditation™ and the Align and Shine Snacks to help those who are struggling emotionally, physically and mentally to find their light and happiness, by living from love. The Shine Snacks are active alignment meditation techniques which help you access your own self-love and energy to create the life you were born to live.

Use the Shine Snacks when feeling unfocused, overwhelmed, confused, angry, tired or stressed. They are also extremely useful when feeling lost, sad, depressed, anxious, empty or lonely.

Shine Snack techniques actively align your mind, body and spirit to unlimited energy to create your life purpose.

Each workshop introduces three simple techniques: Centering the Mental Energy, Opening the Heart Chakra and the Cocoon of Light™. Each technique can be done in one to four minutes, anytime, anywhere, day or night.

We begin the workshop with breathing techniques. Each meditation technique is explained and practiced, with time for questions and answers. A guided meditation brings it all together.

Students are given a detailed handout for future practice and a small gift to hold the feeling of the experience.

These effective meditation techniques are non-faith based. You don’t need belief in any particular teachings to learn and benefit from these simple meditations.

To schedule a one to two-hour free workshop please contact:
Marchella, Program Services
(425) 216-3351