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Heartfull Meditation™ workshops are led by highly-trained Heartfull Meditation™ teachers who personally use the Shine Snack meditation techniques in their own daily lives. Our teachers and board members lives have been profoundly affected by these techniques, and with their sincere gratitude, are donating their time to spread the Alive and Shine mission.

Savitri, founder of the Alive and Shine Foundation, created Heartfull Meditation™ and the Align and Shine Snacks to help those who are struggling emotionally, physically and mentally to find their light and happiness, by living from love. The Shine Snacks are active alignment meditation techniques which help you access your own self-love and energy to create the life you were born to live.


“I love it all! Especially the calm and warm teaching style of the facilitators.”

student, Washington Correction Center for Women, August 2012

“I really liked the meditation! It helped me align my thoughts to my heart, and it created light within me and around me! I feel at peace now. I feel superb. I can think better, focus more and have the ability to block out negativity.”

student, Cocoon House, August 2012

“The best part for me was centering. I loved how we had to choose a stone from our heart. The message on the stone I picked really related to me. I enjoyed the lesson. My favorite life skills! I hope you come back again!”

student, Cocoon House, August 2012

“I really learned a lot about what is going on inside of me. I took the time to listen to myself. It is so much more than that, but the point is that I have a way now to get my thoughts and feelings separated and worked out.”

student, Washington Correction Center for Women, August 2012

“I learned that a little bit of self-love and self-worth go a long way.”

student, Washington Correction Center for Women, August 2012

Students are given a detailed handout for future practice and a small gift to hold the feeling of the experience.

Heartfull Meditation is universal, and appeals to all who practice them. The effective meditation techniques are non-faith based.  You don’t need belief in any particular teachings to learn and benefit from these simple meditations.